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As a used automobile purchaser you should have a buyer's inspection done before purchasing your next used vehicle can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

All cars serviced and repaired at our location are known to last for a long time if properly maintained. We have clients with import cars that have well over 200,000 miles on them, and still are as reliable as they were the day they were driven off the show room floor.

In most cases scheduled maintenance and oil changes every 3,000 miles will keep a import car running forever.

A used car dealership or individual should have no problem with you asking to have us perform a buyer's inspection before purchasing a car. If they do have a problem with it then look out! That's the first sign that something is wrong with the car that they are not telling you.

Distler's Auto Repair Inc. has no affiliation with any car dealerships which means you will recieve an honest, knowledgeable opinion about the vehicle you are looking at purchasing.

With a buyer's Inspection we can tell you:

If the car has any serious mechancial issues. 

If the car has ever been wrecked.

Will the car need any major service in the near future and if so, how much it will cost.

To schedule a buyer's inspection contact us today.

save a dime to lose a dollar

Serving the St. Louis Metro East area for over 40 years. Let us perform a pre-purchase auto inspection for your next used vehicle.




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